Free Guide: "The Empowerment for the Spirited Woman"

8 Secrets to Empower your Mind, Body and Spirit for the modern world.
  • Do you want to be the women you were always born to be?
  • Are you feeling swamped with guilt and resentment?
  • Do you want to be Empowered?
  • Do you struggle with feeling unbalanced and overwhelmed?
  • Do you say 'No' to yourself too much?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above then this guide will change your life.

I understand all those emotions you are feeling. I was once in your shoes.

I too was overwhelmed, unconnected, stressed out and constantly unhappy. I neglected myself every day. I couldn’t find the internal fire I need to get myself out of the rut I was in. I felt the pain you are feeling now.

Now, imagine a day where you are reunited with your true self. You feel empowered, happy, balanced, resilient and are living a conscious and mindful life.

I want to share with you the secrets that got me living that life I imagined.

The Empowerment Guide for the Spirited Woman, 8 Secrets to Empower your Mind, Body and Spirit in the modern world”.

This guide is the key to help you do just what I did. It gives you practical tips and exercises that will show you how to reconnect back to yourself so that you can stop letting life rush past you leaving you out-of breath and overwhelmed.

Discover the principles of self-love, personal resilience, consciousness and mindful living so that you can nourish yourself and keep the dreaded trifecta of stress, burnout and mental chaos at bay.

Empower yourself as you learn about spiritual practices, relaxation techniques, stress management and creative self-expression tools that will improve every area of your life.

It doesn't matter if you are just stepping into this world or if you are a well-seasoned spirited woman wanting to flex her ‘spirited’ muscles. This guide will make a difference to you and your life!

What People Are Saying

Kirsten Hemmin, CEO of Reclaim Your Free Spirit

“The Empowerment Guide for the Spirited Woman” taught me how to connect and heal myself through the practice of daily rituals that keep me both focused and connected to my soul"

Marketing Strategist & CEO of Kick Ass Happy

I was totally empowered after reading Karen's guide for the spirited woman. I particularly enjoyed the teachings and exercise around affirmations and how to balance my chakras as they have really helped to reinforce my morning self-care routine. Moreover Karen has allowed me to become more aligned with my energy and this has really benefited me in my business in being truly authentic and showing my true passion.

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Nice to Meet you!

Hi there, Karen Humphries here. I am a Women's Empowerment ​Mentor, Colour therapist and Author ​.

Working with the modern spirited woman is my passion and I am on a mission to​ Empower ​them to shine their true colours. I use the tried and trusted principles of ​many mainstream and holistic modalities to do this.

I hold a BA in Health, Social Care and Creative writing. I also have a Diploma in Colour therapy and I am an NLP Practitioner . Currently I am studying Professional Relaxation therapy and Crystal healing.

I have been featured in the Huffington Post and I have been a guest speaker at New South Wales Health. I have also been a guest teacher at Coastal Community Connections events.

Empowered & Spirited Love

Karen x

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