The Awakening of the Divine Goddess Workbook


Are you ready to take a JOURNEY like no other?

Are you ready to AWAKEN your Inner Divine Goddess?

Take this creative, self-development and spiritual journey back to yourself and Awaken your inner Goddess. Re- connect to the joy and vibrancy of life!

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“The Awakening of the Divine Goddess, A Journey of Self-Discovery. A Collective Workbook of Colouring in, Chakra, Relaxation & Colour Therapy Activities.

Can I ask you something personal? I know it's hard to share.

Do you know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and stuck in your life? Have you heard the voice of the ‘ego’? The one that brings doubt and keeps you stuck?

Have you ever felt lost or disconnected from your life path? Do you feel unawake in your daily life, with blocks that keep you from moving forward in your life?

Can I now share something with you?

I once walked that journey with you. I have experienced your heartaches.

I’ve walked through the lanes of self-doubt and the dead end of streets of being stuck.

I’ve hitchhiked the many roads of fear. Not allowing myself to live a fully awakened or passionate life.

I’ve stumbled down darkened alleys. I have been terrified by ‘doubts’ and unable to speak my truth. I’ve fallen down many pot holes by not listening to my intuition. My inner goddess was asleep.

Today, I proudly walk along a new path on my journey. More than anything I want you to tread that new path too.

Imagine this new path.

You are actively and consciously taking each step as a balanced and awakened soul. Your life is full of joy and passion. You are creatively expressing your needs fully and you are living your divine truth. All those dreams you have? You are achieving them.

Are you ready to take this journey of self-discovery and change?

Is your divine inner Goddess aching to be awakened?

Then this is the workbook for you!

“The Awakening of the Divine Goddess eWorkbook” is the ultimate guide for your personal spiritual voyage. It will insightfully guide you to:

♥ Break down blocks, both past and present

♥ Actively participate in the subtle alignment of your own energy centres (Chakras)

Live your life with more passion whilst being grounded in the now!

Be ready to step into your personal power so that you shine your true colours out into the world!

Speak your divine truth so you can communicate with ease and grace!

See things more clearly and connect with your intuitive self!

Embody your spirituality & become a conscious being!

Pauline Pollard CEO-Pauline Pollard Family Empowerment Coach 

“The Awakening of the Divine Goddess is a beautiful introduction to the journey of our powerful energy centres called Chakras. You will find there are several layers to this amazingly creative book, each step bringing you into a deeper knowing of yourself". 
CEO-Pauline Pollard Family Empowerment Coach

“The Awakening of the Divine Goddess, A Journey of Self-Discovery. A Collective Workbook of Colouring in, Chakra, Relaxation & Colour Therapy Activities

Amazing Content

Creative & Insightful Pictures

Colourful Charts, Journal Pages & Affirmations

Indrani Phillips Transformational Coach & Speaker 

“I was so excited to use "The Awakening of the Divine Goddess Workbook"! As a transformational coach, I am always sharpening my saw. And this workbook was a wonderful way to engage my creativity while being aware of my chakras.

The artwork is gorgeous & I love the layout. It is simple, yet powerful. It is effortless”! Your soul will thank you!”
Indrani Phillips- Transformational Coach & Speacker www.TheEffortLife.Rocks

The reason why you will start to see real change when you apply these powerful formatted and tested tools is that they will activate, energise and cleanse your chakra system. It is like a seriously epic tonic for your Mind, Body and Spirit.

They will:

-Awaken or Reawaken your true divine inner GODDESS.

-Allow you to become mindfully and presently aware of yourself. To be fully present and CONSCIOUS in your daily life.

This 68 page Digital eWorkbook is jam-packed with amazing inclusions such as:

    • An insightful introduction to the methods of Colour, Chakra and Professional Relaxation Therapies,
    • 8 Specific and specially designed Colouring pages,
    • 8 Journal pages,
    • 8 Special Affirmations/Mantras graphics for you to print,
    • A full page graphic Chakra reference sheet,
    • 6 Page bonus Self-Reflection chapter,
    • 2 Blank bonus Journal pages,
    • Easy digital downloadable format,
    • A private Facebook group, dedicated soley to those who have purchased a copy of the eWorkbook. It is a place where you can share your work and also connect with other like-minded women,

Download limit-3.  This eWorkbook is strictly only for PERSONAL use only.

Total Value of  this Workbook is $130.00 but its yours for only $19.97


The journey of both spiritual and self-development is one that you will be continually on during your life. A fantastic benefit of this digital format is that you can re-take this journey to “Awaken the Divine Goddess” at any time in your life. Walk the journey or part of it at any time you want or need to.

Now that is what I call empowerment.


"The Awakening of the Divine Goddess"

Shelby Holte Health &Transitional Partner

"In the busyness of life, the ability to sit with Karen's workbook and focus on my energy flow is PRICELESS!. Thank you for creating something inviting, thoughtful, and that spoke to my higher truth and inner Goddess."

Shelby Holte, Health & Transitional Partner

“The Awakening of the Divine Goddess workbook has a wonderful array of creative and beautiful drawings. It’s a wonderful reference to the Chakra’s. I would definitely have a copy of it on my coffee table for everyone to see as well”.

Nafisa Mark, Marketing Strategist  & CEO of Kick Ass Happy

Nafisa Mark CEO Kick Ass Happy
Rachel Campbell Fertility Mentor

“The Awakening of The Divine Goddess” is a beautiful and transformational journey. I absolutely loved learning all about our chakras and how they are the energy centre of our body – this totally resonated with me! Karen breaks the information down so its easily digestible, informative and interesting. Her unique approach of using colour therapy, pictures, affirmations, and self discovery exercises creates a relaxing, meditative, educational and spiritual experience. In our busy world today “The Awakening of The Divine Goddess” is a gorgeous resource to help us come back to our heart and find our heroine within – it is pure magic in action!

Rachel Campbell,  Fertility Mentor    CEO of Sprout & Co

So, ARE you READY!!!!

Dare to awaken your inner Goddess TODAY!!!

Become the woman you were born to be!

This is it fellow Spirited Goddess. Your chance to change everything about how to awaken your inner Goddess and live life with utter passion. And all at a price that only adds up to a few cups of coffee or a bottle of wine!

Investing $19.97  (Australian Dollars) in yourself for a tool that will serve and be at hand for the rest of your life, well that’s something that you can’t walk past.

Invest in yourself TODAY! You are worth it!

Questions & Answers

Will I get anything in the mail?  No, this is a digital download. You will receive the eWorkbook via a link after your payment has been processed. So please ensure that you save your document as it is only downloadable via this link for 3 downloads only.

When will I receive my digital eWorkbook? Firstly, once you have paid you will automatically be directed to a page which will give you the option of downloading the eWorkbook there and then. You should also be sent a confirmation email with the link for you to download it. If you have any issues or questions, please email them to

What currency is this charged in?  It is in Australian dollars, to convert it to your local currency, you can use XE's website (exchange rate converter)

I have more questions! No worries, I am happy to answer your questions. Just contact me at and I will get back to you within 72 business hours.

How do I join the Facebook group! You will either receive an email, or it will be in the updated version of the eWorkbook (workbook is currently being updated to have this link in it by the end May 2017).

I don't have time to do it right now! That's OK. This is a self-paced eWorkbook! Take small bites or big steps, it's totally up to you. Plus. you can re-take the "journey" at any give time throughout your life.

Can I share it with others. No, this eWorkbook only allows you to use it for your own personal use only.  It should never be shared with others and is an offence to do so.

I want to use this in my workshops! Please contact me if this is the case at to ask about my wholesale rates.

How many times can I download it. You have permission to download it 3 times only.

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Dare to awaken your inner Goddess TODAY!!!

1 review for The Awakening of the Divine Goddess Workbook

  1. coloursofthegoddess

    “The Awakening of The Divine Goddess is a beautiful introduction to the journey of our powerful energy centres called Chakras. You will find there are several layers to this amazingly creative book, each step bringing you into a deeper knowing of yourself.

    By actively participating in the various activities you are subtly aligning your own energy centres – you will be inspired, feel supported and receive guidance from these simple but powerful processes.

    You won’t want this journey to end….and, the way that Karen has created this book, it doesn’t have to end. You will find that as you reflect back upon this book you will receive more and more guidance and inspiration.

    I use colour therapy with my Parents and children around their emotions, so I love that Karen has focused on the benefits and power of colour therapy with the Chakras for healing.

    We hear a lot about practicing mindfulness these days, but Karen gives us the tools to actually integrate mindfulness beautifully into our lives – a very practical tool to bring in the space for reflection and inspiration from our Divine Goddess within.”

    Pauline Pollard Family Empowerment Coach

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